A triumph against the current in Latin America


The triumph of Claudia Sheinbaum in the presidential elections in Mexico marks a watershed in the country's history, strengthens the Latin American left and opposes the advances that the extreme right has had in the region in recent years.

The results contradict the worn-out premise that one of the effects of the post-Covid-19 pandemic is the assured defeat of the ruling parties, without ideological distinction. Unlike what happened in Brazil or Argentina, López Obrador managed to guarantee the continuity of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) with the help of Claudia Sheinbaum, who won an overwhelming victory.


Presidents who bet on nuclear Armageddon

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Since 1992, every president has left the United States and the world closer to nuclear annihilation than his predecessor. The Doomsday Clock read 17 minutes to midnight when Clinton came to power, but only 9 minutes when he left. Bush reduced the clock to just 5 minutes, Obama to 3 minutes, and Trump to just 100 seconds. Now Biden has reduced the clock to 90 seconds.

Biden has led the United States into three devastating crises, any of which could end in Armageddon. Washington seems to be single-minded these days: more funding for the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, more weaponry for Taiwan.


Don't read this


Everything you read, write, speak, record, photograph, or communicate on a computing device will surely end up in the hands of a U.S. law enforcement agency or its accomplices. The same will happen with your own data, that of your loved ones and your recipients, with information about everything you own, use, buy, rent, consume, borrow, throw away or want.

The German party that came out of the left and doubled its votes in five months

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By now we all know the results of the elections to the European Parliament and we have drawn the main conclusions: victory for the right, leap for the extreme right, maintenance of social democracy and failure of the left and the greens. With slight variations, this panorama is the most generalized in the different European countries.

However, there is a phenomenon in these elections that is being analyzed little and that deserves to be studied because it may be perfectly viable to be carried out in many countries. This is the German party Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance for Reason and Justice (BSW), a party that was founded five months ago as a split from the left (Die Linke) and has surpassed them by more than double the votes.

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Ana Miranda: the EPP MEPs have washed the face of the extreme right

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Ana Miranda is a Galician jurist and politician. She has been a deputy of the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) in the European Parliament in the last legislature and is running again on the Ahora Repúblicas list for the elections that will renew it next Sunday. In 2019, this coalition - now made up of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), EH Bildu, BNG and Aramés - won three seats. We spoke with her about the main challenges facing Europe and the worrying rise of the extreme right.

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Another Philippine War?

11 min read XULIO RIOS

Today, leaving aside Taiwan, the deterioration of the relationship between Beijing and Manila represents the main focus of tension in the South China Sea.

During former President Rodrigo Duterte's six-year term, the situation remained relatively stable and no major disputes occurred. However, since Marcos Jr. came to power in June 2022, disputes have frequently arisen, from Ren'ai Jiao to Huangyan Dao. 


The transformation of Syriza


In 2014, a new era began in Greek politics that seemed to bode well for the rest of the continent. Syriza, a confluence of movements and parties of the alternative left, had clearly won the elections with an anti-austerity program in the midst of the financial crisis, while the historic party of the Greek left, PASOK, collapsed, obtaining only 6% of the vote. the votes.

A decade later, that new era has turned out to be more of a mirage, and both Syriza and the entire Greek left face a journey through the desert. 


“We are going to continue here as long as it takes”

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Several hundred students from Madrid universities have been camping for Palestine in the Complutense for weeks. They take turns taking their exams and also receive support from several teachers. They assure that they plan to stay there as long as necessary.

The camps, started on US campuses, have spread throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. They are the largest global student protest of the 21st century.


Alex Anfruns: we are witnessing the collapse of neocolonial architecture in France

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In recent years, three West African countries, in the Sahel region, have experienced coups d'état with a common denominator: the national and sovereign uprising against France, its former metropolis, still dominant in the economy, defense and international relations. These are Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.
We spoke with Alex Anfruns, author of the book “Niger: another coup d'état… or the pan-African revolution?”


Climate chaos: the world warms as Europe faces a new Ice Age

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The hottest month of January ever recorded in the history of humanity has passed, without governments around the world and the international media having given so much as a wink.


The infamous epilogue of the West

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The genocide that we witnessed live in Gaza is the infamous epilogue of the decline of Western dominance over the world, its most illustrative image. It is the absolute collapse of all the values ​​that the West once proclaimed.

No one who supports what is happening by action or omission, no one who, having been able to do something to prevent it, has not done so, will be able to talk about human rights again after this without their face falling with shame.


Voices from the rubble


Khan Yunis
You define the nightmare, by the debris and dust that accumulates in your chest and fills your exhausted lungs as you try to close your eyes for 5 minutes and suddenly open them to a world of total destruction. This deadly assault does not refer only to Gaza or the Palestinians, but simply includes all human models of justice, human rights and freedom.


(Never more)

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The richest and most powerful countries in the Western world, those who believe themselves to be keepers of the flame of the modern world's commitment to democracy and human rights, are openly financing and applauding Israel's genocide in Gaza. The Gaza Strip has become a concentration camp. Those who have not yet been killed are dying of hunger. Almost the entire population of Gaza has been displaced. Their homes, hospitals, universities, museums and infrastructure of all kinds have been reduced to rubble.


eloquent genocides

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Historically, annihilating purposes are denied and hidden by their protagonists. The Young Turks, or the Nazis, for example, left hardly any declarative and printed evidence of their intentions against Armenians and Jews. Discretion prevailed.


The seven lives of Mohammed Deif

The Israelis believed that Mohammed Deif had serious functional difficulties that forced him to move around in a wheelchair, but videos released this week by the army show the head of the Hamas militias in the Gaza Strip fully functional, which has exposed the secret services to criticisms that must be added to those already accumulated in recent months.

Mohammed Deif has survived seven army attacks and on several occasions Israel has left him for dead, only to have to rectify them later.


A new multipolar Middle East

7 min read Javier García

The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, sponsored by China - which could also put an end to the war in Yemen shortly - is an event of special historical relevance and a clear example of how conflicts can be resolved in a multipolar world not constrained by the designs of a single hegemonic power. A model that they were certainly not used to in the region. China has emerged, to everyone's surprise, as the mediator that the Middle East needed. Something that for the United States, clearly aligned with one of the sides, has become totally impossible.


Why Israel wants to erase context and history in the war against Gaza

7 min read ILAN PAPPE

Dehistoricizing what is happening helps Israel and Western governments implement policies that they rejected in the past for ethical, tactical or strategic considerations. Thus, Israel uses the October 7 attack as a pretext to apply genocidal policies in the Gaza Strip. It is also a pretext for the United States to try to reaffirm its presence in the Middle East. And it is a pretext for some European countries to violate and limit democratic freedoms in the name of a new “war on terror.”


The transformation of Russia and the scenes of war

It took them years in Moscow to understand the seriousness of the Western globalist project that envisioned a subaltern Russia with a comprador national elite subordinated to the large Western transnationals. They were slow to understand that there was no intention of recognizing "sovereignties" or private preserves of the Russian oligarchic elite derived from the traditional state control that this elite has of business, privatizations and embezzlement in the largest country in the world.


The data that shows who is winning the Ukrainian war two years later

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Two years after the start of the Ukrainian war, we will hear all kinds of versions about who is winning the war. Some will say that Ukraine is winning because Russia has not fulfilled its dream of taking kyiv in a few weeks, as it intended at the beginning. Others will say that it is Russia that, little by little, is triumphing because Western sanctions have proven useless, military support from the United States is running out and the advances on the front in recent months are from the Russian army in the face of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. that showed itself to be a failure. But I will be the one to tell you who is really winning the war: the arms industry.


A ray of hope

13 min read CRAIG MURRAY

That the ICJ has not affirmed Israel's right to self-defense is perhaps the most important point of this provisional resolution. He is the dog that didn't bark. The argument that all Western leaders have been using has been rejected by the court. The ICJ did not repeat that an occupying power has no right to self-defense. It was not necessary. He simply ignored Israel's misleading claim.


Where is China going?


What does the statement made by North American President Joe Biden saying that the Chinese economy “is a time bomb” and the recent reaction of tycoon Elon Musk calling for tariffs or trade barriers to be imposed on the main electric car manufacturing company have in common? Chinese BYD? The answer is very simple: China alienates and confuses the West, which tends to adopt a distorted and somewhat whimsical vision of the Asian country's political and economic system, at once ahistorical and decontextualized, particularly regarding what is happening with its economic growth, its productive system and its institutional structure.


The judicial farce against Julian Assange


If the US authorities manage to convict a journalist for exposing war crimes, this would have another serious consequence. In the future, it would be even more difficult and dangerous to expose the sordid reality of wars, especially those wars that Western governments like to sell as civilizing missions with the help of embedded journalists. If we don't know the truth about these wars, it will be much easier to fight them.


“I am the son of a genocide”, stories of Argentine disobedience

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They have disowned their parents since they learned of their past and are working to modify the law that prevents testifying against direct relatives and descendants in Argentina.

“Today, when the executive branch seeks to deny, and even vindicate, the genocide, we have to insist that neither from the State, nor from any sphere, can an extermination be endorsed, not even with silence,” says Pablo. Verna, who testified for the first time in a trial against humanity.


Pablo Beltrán, head of the ELN negotiating delegation: “They have tried to poison us to prevent a peace agreement”

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After the period of talks in Havana, the peace talks between the guerrilla and the Colombian government have entered a new phase, now in Caracas. After a first round until April 22, both parties will negotiate again in the Venezuelan capital between May 20 and 25. However, it does not seem that the road is being easy.
This is the conclusion drawn after the conversation held somewhere in Caracas with the ELN's chief negotiator, Commander Pablo Beltrán. A man who has been in the guerrilla for 54 of his 70 years.


Israel strives to tame US president

On the one hand, we have these criticisms of Israel, including those from the US, and on the other, the daily supply of bombs that, according to a good part of Western public opinion - including some American senators such as Elizabeth Warren - serves to facilitate the exercise of continued genocide. The images circulating are terrible and it is understandable that Hebrew television stations censor themselves. The average Israeli is in favor of war and the systematic destruction of the Gaza Strip, according to polls, and does not want to see disturbing images at dinner time.


Luis Gonzalo Segura: analyzing the war in Ukraine independently has a very high cost

10 min read Jayro sanchez 0

Luis Gonzalo Segura is a former lieutenant in the Spanish Army. He was expelled from the Armed Forces for denouncing his corruption publicly in 2015. He is now a writer and collaborates in various media outlets. In his latest book, The Ukrainian Trap (Akal, 2023), he presents the key events of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine since 2014. We spoke with him about the war and the latest events.